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The things I've been up to by DragonHeartMage The things I've been up to :icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 0 0
Rythian always ensured there was a trunk of chocolate in the camp continuously. Bad days were common. Chocolate always seemed to make everything a little better. Whenever Zoey had a nightmare, whenever Teep went a little too insane or just when everything got a little bit too much chocolate would be handed around the trio of friends as they erected a camp fire to sing the night away and fall asleep in front of the flames.
So it was to Rythian's greatest surprise one day after he found Zoey crying in the morning that his gift of chocolate was greeted, by all things, a kiss.
:icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 0 0
SO I'm Working On A Thing by DragonHeartMage SO I'm Working On A Thing :icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 0 2 Welp I have returned by DragonHeartMage Welp I have returned :icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 1 6
"Where does it hurt?"
He'd been asked the question more times then he could remember in his dazed state.
"What about this?!" Xephos yelled. Not helping Rythian's headache at all.
"What on Minecraftia is that?!"
"It's a brew we used to make back home Lom. It's meant to cure anything!"
"Oh you are so silly sometimes Xeph."
Staring at the green-grey substance Rythian struggled to catch Zoey's eyes across the room from where he lay. Rythian furiously shook his head. There was no way he was eating THAT.
"How about dirt?!" SIps and Sjin echoed in unison. "It's sure to help!" They pulled a few rotting blocks from their pockets, stepping to place them on the bed.
"Guys come on stop being ridiculous." Duncun was sat next to a box, it beeped in time with Rythian's irregular heartbeat, it was sure to help he'd announced upon attaching it.
Minty sighed, wielding her first aid kit from beside the bed. Rythian was never sick, when he was? Well everyone was simply confused. Not one of them ever reall
:icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 4 5
Just Wanted To Keep You Safe (Part 9)
The skinny Creature wrapped its arms around her, teleporting with her as she screamed for her love, tears squeezed from her eyes.
"This is it. This is how I die." It was all she could think. It wasn't her fault! She knew Rythian would have been ashamed of her loosing her gall but suffocated in the dark, almost black matter which made up the creature she couldn't help but wish she could have seen him one last time.
Stumbling away from the Creature as it released her for the final blow Zoey closed her eyes. The whisper of a breeze massaged over her skin as she waited for a death that didn't come.
Half opening her right eye she was amazed to see Rythian, face bloodied, resting heavily on one leg, breath stuttering without fail, glorious face fully open to the world, glorious and handsome as ever. He stood in-front of her, blocking her face from what was going on in front of them.
"Ryth." It read in every breath she inhaled, echoed on every exhale. Grasping onto his arm she could hardly st
:icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 5 18
Pretty Damn Special (Blackrock Rising 7- 9/6/2013)
Folding the dying girl into his arms Rythian shook her, pleading with the forces to let her live, conveying silent messages to Death himself that she was taken.
"Ryth..." Zoey spluttered, glancing to the rising black smoke around them, the fire raging through the crumbling crater. "Leave me."
"Don't you dare say that, we'll get out of here. We WILL get out of here!"
"Ryth... Look at me." She captured his face in her palms, pressing her fingers to his cheek bones. "You can live without me, I'm nothing special. Put me down and get the hell out of here. You live for me okay! Live!"
"Not. In. Your. Wildest. Dreams." Leaning into her hands Rythian sighed. "You're pretty damn special."
Pressing a long drawn kiss to her lips he picked them both up and ran.
:icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 3 57
You're Human Part3 Finale!!!!
Zoey breathed, drawing herself up taller as she gathered her flowers into one hand, she felt out of place in her mind like wearing such a thing as the dress she was wearing was the highest level of absurd. Despite the tight corset and the high heeled shoes that hurt with each light footfall she was happy, the dress spun gold in the evening light.
The stars were their guidance, the moon their leader, the universe held it's collective breath for the fire haired girl and the freakishly tall boy, the scars within from which they could not escape.
Zoey's nervous smile only echoed the gargantuan grin splattered across Rythian's face, his cheeks glowing from a mixture of cool December air and pure joy.
It was only them, alone in their company, eyes joining, palm matching palm, minds breathing the same thought.
"I love you."
However it was only for a mere few seconds before they had to return, they were getting married, their own world was unacceptable right now.
Gripping her hand as she let g
:icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 5 67
You're Human Part2
Rushing through the crowd he found Zoey where he expected, standing within a collection of graduates as cheered around her still form, many of them hugging her as they thanked her for her help and care.
Reaching for the teaching assistant Rythian wrapped her in his arms from behind, his fingers folding to the curves of her waist, pushing his head into her hair, his mouth to her ear.
"What'll you do with summer vacation Miss?"
He could feel her smile through his fingertips, through the way she lent into him, through the slight incline of her head.
"I might just have to organise something." She hummed turning in the circle he held her in to rest her cheek above his heart beat.
"What's wrong?" She inquired, turning her head up to look at him. "I've never felt your heart so fast."
"I could ask you the same." He replies, smoothing down the static her hair gave out.
"Don't tell me you're fine Zoey I can see it."
"Mind reader." She whispered, burying her face into the folds of his t-sh
:icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 4 8
The sun shone down on the rocking boat, he couldn't have asked for a better afternoon. Her face glowed as bright as her hair despite the parasol shadowing her, her snoozing figure uncaring of the heat burning her skin.
Pushing her fringe away from the resting place it held on her forehead he reached for the sun cream in the picnic basket, trying his best not to rock the boat more than necessary.
Covering her face in the strawberry scented cream he stopped, staring down at her as he carefully traced the curve her lips took she woke. Eyes fluttering open she stared up at him, mind racing.
"You... You were burning, I was just making sure you were okay." He murmured, resting his hand on her cheek, spinning his fingers in small circles next to her ear lobe, using the sun cream as an excuse to leave it there.
Zoey breathed in his nearby scent with closed eyes, reaching a shaky hand up to his wrist she pulled herself up, pulling down his mask before lightly kissing him.
:icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 4 7
You're Human (Part 1)
She hugged her knees, leaning against the wall trying to keep her crying as quiet as she could, eyes wide with it all, unforgetting.
"In her room, we can't get her out."
"I'll deal with it Lom, just give me some time."
She turned her face toward his voice, she'd known he'd come, she'd known but she wasn't happy about it.
"Zoey open the door!" He half yelled, banging his fist on the door. "Open it right now."
"I'm fine Ryth, just a few minutes." Zoey shook where she sat, voice muffled by her own arms. "I'll be out in a bit."
"Zoey you've been in there since yesterday afternoon, Lom told me. Let me in, we can sort it out."
"Another hour won't hurt." She muttered, failing to push herself further into the corner.
"Zoey I will break this door down. Somehow I don't believe you'd want that."
They paused, waiting in an unbearable silence on either sides of their doors. A stalemate, because both were hurting, but neither wanted to. She struggled to her feet, waddling over to the door just as he
:icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 4 3
Just Our Luck
Zoey jumped, the thunder jolting through her as though the lighting prior to it had filled her with electricity.
Rythian gathered her hand, pulling her mind away from watching the rain as it fell, collecting his back pack after he'd thrown the popcorn packet into the rubbish. The sky was dark as the rain pounded down, the summer weather betraying them.
"Come on, we better deal with this." Rythain muttered, wrapping his arm around her waist as he gazed at her thin cardigan.
"Just our luck isn't it?" Zoey whispered, moving forward slightly. "Lets get this over with."
"No you don't." he snapped before she could move further. "Here." He sighed, holding out his jacket, it wasn't much but at least it was more than she had. "You'll get drenched otherwise."
"But you!" She cried, taking hold of his face in both her hands. "Rythian if I take your jacket this will hurt you."
"Zoey I don't care, I'm not the only one whose hurt by rain." He held his jacked out stubernly. "Take. The. Jacket."
:icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 5 11
Just Wanted To Keep You Safe (Part 8)
Throwing herself into the portal Zoey was surprised that she didn't stand alone. The group still stood with her, smaller than it was before however still present.
She'd always been scared of the end, the place the tall, skinny monsters originated from, the ones he loathed so much.
An obsidian column, that was all, a large cylindrical tower reaching into the sky, a hole spreading out from the base, a crack in the foundations of perfectness.
A tall shadow stood there.
"You were fools to come here. He is no more." The shadow bellowed, voice echoing across the barren void. "And now I will see you destroyed."
With movements impossible to follow the figure seemingly jumped from place to place. Zoey couldn't settle her eyes on it, she found it once and it was gone again, away for something else.
"Move." They heard, and so they did.
Rythian's POV
Rythian heard the thing yell out below his confinement. She's here. His Zoey she was here, placing herself in an uncountable amount of danger for him
:icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 4 13
I'm Never Letting You Go. (Part 3 Finale!!!)
Zoey gasped, staring up at Rythian's glowing eyes above her, focusing on them as she pulled herself back to being awake.
"Kärlek." Rythian whispered, it appeared as though he was about to cry, steeling himself as he  remembered the company he had which didn't include simply his family. "You're okay."
"That was close wasn't it?" She smiled, raising her arm to rest her fingers lightly upon his cheek. "I'll be more careful next time dear."
"This wasn't you Kärlek, this was my fault, this was all my fault."
Twirling her fingers in his hair Zoey pulled herself up, pecking his lips through the mask, resting her forehead on his as he swung her into a princess carry.
"I should have listened to you." She breathed, tickling his nose.
"I shouldn't have gone Kärlek." He whispered, turning away from her golden eyes as he walked towards the group.
A tension hung over everyone else, Simon coughed slightly, Duncan shuffeled the feet of his he suddenly found so interesting, Sips tur
:icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 4 14
I'm Never Letting You Go. (Part 2)
Ravs, arm slung over his shoulder, walked a slurring Rythian home. It was early morning and with Nilesy following close behind it had been an interesting night. With all the great plans Rythian had been prepared with for the evening it ended with him simply drinking, none of his ideas going in the right direction and his mind occupied with his earlier fight.
Stumbling into the living room Rythian practically fell into the folds of the sofa, mumbling about Zoey.
"Where is she?" He slurred, attempting to stand up.
"Woah, stay there I'll find them." Ravs yelled, leaving the room to the staircase.
When he returned moments later he rushed over to Rythian.
"I can't find them! I could only find this."  
Ravs handed over a note, moving over to sit with Nilesy as Rythian's face fell. The note outlined much the same demands of which were made when Teep was taken, only this time it was Zoey, his Zoey. Emmy! Emmy too!
"No. We... We have to find them!" Jumping up Rythian forgo
:icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 4 18
I'm Never Letting You Go. (Part 1)
Folding his arms around the now sleeping figure of Emmy, pulling her close as he climbed the stairs to the old guest room, now nursery, Rythian couldn't help but smile. His daughter was always full of energy, a trait originating from the same place as her shocking red hair, meaning on the few occasions of which she fell deep into the land of sleep without hesitation the couple felt a kind of minimal delight.
Gently setting her down into her crib Rythian sensed more than felt his daughter begin to stir, he sat himself in the chair, a constant next to her crib, holding one hand out to her fingers as he started the mobile with the other, resting his head on the bar atop the crib. 5 minutes he told himself, just 5.
"Rythian did she drop off okay?" Zoey asked, rounding the corner into the nursery.
What she saw both startled and amused her, Rythian was sleeping soundly in the uncomfortable wood back chair they'd been meaning to replace, his forehead resting on the bar of the crib, danger
:icondragonheartmage:DragonHeartMage 4 12


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  2.) Each person has to share 10 things about them.
  3.) Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
  4.) Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.
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10 Facts:
  1.) I'm a Gcse student voluntarily studying textiles, art, food and nutrition and geography along with all the forced things I have to do. 
  2.) I am currently mid-state of near worthlessness in thought which is why you haven't been hearing from me often. I've not been very happy.
  3.) My Dad moved to Spain on the 17th
  4.) I wish I had the chance to learn ballet when I was younger. I am in love with it now but am too scared to start at my age.
  5.) Currently questioning my whole life and happy about it.
  6.) If you tell me something whilst I'm reading you'll have to tell me again later too.
  7.) My whole English class hates our teacher.
  8.) I have never been abroad. 
  9.) I currently have an otp many people disagree with so I'm hiding it from many of my internet and irl friends.
  10.) I'm in the middle of planning cosplay.
 Questions i was asked:   
  1.) If you had to spend your entire life doing one thing, what would it be?
I'm not entirely sure. I believe the correct answers is breathing but I don't thing that's what you meant. Possibly writing, making dresses or broadway singing. Those are actually my dream occupations. 
  2.) Dreamer or Believer?
Bit of both actually.
  3.) Favourite game of all time?
  4.) If you had to choose one youtuber to be with forever, whether it be as a couple or bestfriends, who would it be?
I'm actually going to cheat on this question. I myself post videos on youtube and share a channel with one of my bestfriends. Even though we aren't well known or anything like that we post videos so I'm classing us as part of this question. There we have it I choose her.
  5.) Are you part of one fandom or part of several?
  6.) If you had to have one song playing in the background of your life forever, what would it be?
I'm not sure. I like loads of different types of music but it would have to be something long and exciting but not too loud that you can't sleep. Possibly something classical. (Don't call me boring.)
  7.) Best moment of your life so far?
There once was a town called Metro City. This town was on Martyn Littlewoods server on the graduated to saplings side and I lived there with some of my greatest friends. These friends have led me to more friends (people like Moonhera) and many experiences (like all day skype calls.) I choose the second I started metro. I will always be greatful for Kim, Katie, Callum and Lulu for accepting me just over a year ago. ^^
  8.) Do you like grapes?
Yes as a matter of fact I steal them from my friends lunchbox alot.
  9.) Your thoughts on ducks?
Weird creatures really. Whoever could reside with Geese is beyond me.
  10.) What time do you get up on weekends? 
I have a theater group I go to every Saturday and then I just laze around all weekend.

    Questions To The People I Tag:
  1.) One of your biggest unanswered questions in life?   
  2.) Fave internet site.
  3.) Ever had the strange feeling someones staring at you but no ones ever near by?
  4.) Siblings? And if yes do you like them?
  5.) Biggest thing you regret?
(Only doing 5 I'm a lazy little person.)


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Only tagging 4 as I already feel incredibly rude by just jumping back in and straight away tagging people.


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